Holiday Shopping Security 101

car_breakerSecure your valuables, lock your car and take your keys. That’s the message we’ve been spreading to residents for years and with the holiday shopping season upon us we want to reinforce it yet again. This is the time of year that the holiday thieves appear and often wreak havoc on busy, inattentive shoppers.   Plan ahead and leave unnecessary items at home when you go to shopping centers and malls. That includes your laptops/tablets, personal electronics and credit cards that you don’t need.  With so many cars and people at shopping centers and malls it is harder for security to detect break-ins. Also, don’t leave product in plain view, lock it in the trunk or in an area where it is not easily seen.  When in a store always make sure you collect your credit card at the end of each transaction and never leave valuables, like cell phones, unattended.  Once home, don’t leave product in your vehicle, bring it inside as soon as possible. Never leave your vehicle running unattended and always remove your keys!

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