Recreational Vehicle Laws

Owners of recreational vehicles commonly known as “dirt bikes” or “ATV’s” should be aware of the Town of Billerica By-Laws in place that restrict their usage in town.  In addition, MA General Law Chapter 90B also regulates their use.  Lack of awareness or knowledge shall not be defenses in an action filed pursuant to these by-laws or Chapter 90B.

By-Laws Section 12

  • 12.1 The use of two, three or four wheel recreational motor vehicles, as partly defined in
    M.G.L Chapter 90B, Section 20, more commonly known as “dirt bikes” or “ATV‟s” is
    hereby prohibited on any land in the Town except that land for which an operator of said
    vehicle(s) has on their person written permission from the owner or lessee of said land.
  • 12.2 No such permitted use of private property by an operator of a vehicle shall occur
    between nine o‟clock post meridian (9:00 p.m.) and ten o‟clock ante meridian (10:00a.m.)
  • 12.3 Any person or owner of land found to be in violation of this By-Law shall pay a fine
    of one hundred ($100.00) dollars per violation. Each day that such violation continues
    shall constitute a separate offense.
  • 12.4 This By-Law may be enforced by a non-criminal disposition. The Billerica Police
    Department or any other law enforcement agency shall be the enforcing agents for the

MGL Chapter 90B


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