Billerica Students Targeted By Snapchat User

BPD PatchOver the last few weeks I have been working with the schools on investigating an emerging trend affecting our juvenile population, specifically teenage girls (6th -9th grade). There have been several reported cases of an unknown person reaching out to girls using the Snapchat app. This person is using names of our actual students, with some slight modifications, and asking the girls to send inappropriate pictures. When the girls refuse, the person is threatening to spread rumors about the girls or is threatening to Photoshop pictures and send them out claiming they are real. Obviously, this has been very troubling for those who have been victimized. Please, take a moment and talk with your children about social media awareness and stress to them if they see or receive anything suspicious on social media to report it to you or another adult. I am hoping if we raise awareness about this particular trend, we will either find out who is doing it or it will stop. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you for your assistance in helping us protect our younger population.

Tara M. Conners
School Resource Officer

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