Is Your House Number Up?


Billerica has a new public safety group formed called the Billerica TRIAD. The Billerica TRIAD has undertaken a public safety campaign to promote the practice of posting visible house numbers. The group is made up of public and private representatives. They include: Town Departments (Fire, Police, Paramedics and Council on Aging); Middlesex Sheriff’s Dept. and local business contacts from O’Connor Hardware and the Billerica Rotary.

O’Connor Hardware has generously offered to donate house numbers for senior citizens (60 and over) for this project.

If you would like to sign up to have your house number displayed, or you need more Information on this program, please call Donna Popkin, or Jeanne Teehan at the Billerica Council on Aging at (978) 671-0916.

TRIAD Members:

  • Dawn Marshall – Billerica Rotary
  • Kevin O’Connor – O’Connor Hardware
  • Ken Doucette – Middlesex Sheriff’s Office
  • Dave Silva – Billerica Fire Department
  • Ivonne Osgood – Billerica Police Department
  • Joe Devlin – Billerica EMS
  • Donna Popkin – Council on Aging
  • Jeanne Teehan – Council on Aging
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