The Juvenile Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious juvenile delinquency & youth crimes. Gangs, graffiti, truancy, youth violence, drug use and certain crimes are real problems for today’s teens. The police department along with other agencies look to pre-trial diversion, early juvenile crime intervention, police/probation counseling, after school programs and police station community service as important services for our teens.

Residents looking for resources to assist with child related problems can use the Mass 211’s Children Requiring Assistance or (CRA) line which provides information on local public agencies, private organizations as well as medical, behavioral and mental health care providers that may assist families with children. It is designed for parents, providers or anyone who knows a youth or a family that could use support.

The goal of this service is to connect families with resources that address underlying problems while providing support and limiting the youth’s involvement in the court system.

Examples of calls we receive include:

  • Families interested in filing an official CRA through the court system.
  • Children who need emotional or behavioral support.
  • Families with children who may or may not have education plans and need educational advocacy.
  • Children and youth that are having a challenging time finding a provider.
  • Families in need of urgent support due to health/safety concerns.
  • Parents who have recently gained or regained custody of their child and need assistance with transition.

Families can speak with any one of our CRA Specialists to learn more by dialing 2-1-1 and using extension 24.

Mass211 partners with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

For more information regarding Massachusetts law regarding juveniles please see the Massachusetts Court System website here.