Police Activities Leagues are the largest organization of law enforcement agencies utilizing athletics, recreational and educational activities to instill positive life principles and character building tools in an effort to deter juvenile crime and violence and span some 90 years of commitment to youth.

Much is written and reported in today’s news about kids at risk. Today’s youth is at risk, all youth. It is not limited to inner city disadvantaged or the underprivileged. All kids face difficult challenges at school, at home, and on the playing field. PAL is dedicated to programs offering kids an opportunity to work with positive role models, learn about success and failure on a playing field without drugs or guns.

The Billerica Police Department is committed to proactive law enforcement. Preventing crime and drug abuse often begins with our youth. We have a number of programs including street hockey, flag football, basketball, skiing, BMX racing and more. We work closely with the Billerica Recreation Department to offer as many outlets as we can and hopefully fill some gaps that other organizations don’t cover.