Firearms Licensing

This page is posted to help those persons interested in obtaining a firearms identification card (FID) or license to carry (LTC).

Anyone interested in obtaining an LTC or FID should complete an application for Firearms License. Resources and forms are located at the links below:

Applicants should be advised that the application must include payment. The Police Department will accept money orders and personal checks (Payable to “Town of Billerica”). Those residents wishing to pay with cash will be directed to the Treasurer’s Office at Town Hall between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Please read the information carefully, for there have been numerous changes in the law relative to the possession and use of firearms, rifles, and shotguns since 1998. Also, the Billerica Police Department has made several procedural changes to accommodate the computerized processing of applications as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

1. To apply, applicants must be:

For a License to Carry (LTC):

  • A citizen 21 years of age or older;
  • A naturalized citizen within the above age restrictions (applicant must present proof of naturalization); and
  • A resident of Billerica or proprietor of a place of business in Billerica; and
  • Not subject to any exclusion as listed in sections 7 and 8 of this document.

For a Firearms Identification Permit (FID):

  • A citizen 18 years of age or older (ages 15 to 17 with the parent’s or guardian’s written consent); or
  • A naturalized citizen within the above age restrictions (applicant must present proof of naturalization); and
  • A resident of Billerica or proprietor of a place of business in Billerica; and
  • Not subject to any exclusion as listed in sections 7 and 8 of this document.

2. Types of permits you can apply for:

  • LTC Class A: Allows the holder to carry large capacity rifles, shotguns, and
    firearms (handguns). Firearms may be concealed.

    • Large capacity means any weapon that can hold the number of rounds listed below in the weapon itself and/or in a magazine which can be attached to the weapon:
    • Shotguns: Over five (5) rounds;
    • Rifles: Over ten (10) rounds; and
    • Handguns: Over ten (10) rounds.
  • LTC Class B: This license has been eliminated as of August 13, 2014 per House Bill 4376. Current Class B licenses will remain valid until their expiration.
  • FID Class C: Allows the holder to carry non-large capacity rifles and
  • FID Class D: Allows the holder to carry chemical spray only. Must be 18 years or older (or 15-17 years of age with parental consent.

3. Expiration dates:

  • Look carefully at the expiration date on your permit. Laws have changed.
    Some permits are good for 4 years, more recent ones for 6.
  • There is no grace period on LTC or FID permits issued prior to the time the 6 year expiration law took effect.
  • Your new permit will be good for 6 (six) years, with a ninety (90) day grace

4. Costs

LTC (new applicant and renewals unless 70+) $100
LTC renewal over 70+ years of age $0
FID (new applicant and renewals) $100
FID (15-17 Yrs old) $25
Chemical (new applicant and renewals) $25

Anyone over the age of 70, meaning 70 + 1 day, is eligible to receive a permit renewal free of charge.

5. Required course:

  • The Basic Handgun Safety Course is required for all new applicants applying for
    any LTC, or a Class C FID permit.

6. New Applicants:

  • Proof of no record, or a copy of the applicant’s criminal history will be obtained from the Massachusetts Board of Probation by the police department.
  • If you have no current LTC, FID or have never had one, and are applying for one, you will need to obtain two (2) letters of recommendation.
    • The letters must be from a responsible person stating that, in their opinion, the applicant is a fit person to be licensed to carry a firearm for personal and/or business use;
    • The letters must be on letterhead; and
    • The letters must contain the word “firearm”.


7. Disqualifying factors:

  • Applicants for a FID are disqualified from obtaining one:
  • For life, if they have been:
  • Convicted of a violent crime;
  • Convicted of any offense involving trafficking in weapons; or
  • Convicted of any crime involving trafficking in drugs.
  • For five (5) years following the termination of a sentence, parole, or probation for any:
  • Conviction of a felony;
  • Conviction of a misdemeanor punishable by two (2) or more
    years in a house of correction;
  • Conviction of any weapons or ammunition violation;
  • Conviction of any drug offense;
  • Confinement to any hospital/institution for mental illness; or
  • Confinement to any institution for drug addiction or habitual
  • Applicants for a LTC are disqualified from obtaining one for life, if they have been:
    • Convicted of any offense which disqualifies them from
      obtaining an FID for life;
    • Convicted of any offense which disqualifies them from
      obtaining a FID for five (5) years;
  •  Additional exclusions which will prevent one from obtaining
    a LTC include:

      • Being under twenty-one (21) years of age;
      • Making untruthful statements;
      • Not being a “suitable person” as determined by the
        Chief of Police.

8. Other exclusions:

  • A person under 21 years of age cannot obtain a License to Carry under any
  • A person between 15 and 17 years of age must have a parent’s written consent in order to be eligible for an FID card;
  • Aliens are not eligible;
  • A person currently subject to a Restraining Order is not eligible;
  • A person currently subject to an outstanding Arrest Warrant is not eligible.

Should you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact

New Applicants and Renewals – Clerk Diane O’Connor at 978-215-9611

Please visit the Firearms Support Services page of the Executive Office of Public Safety web site for detailed information, forms and frequently asked questions

You will receive telephone notification to set up an appointment for fingerprints, photo and interview. Appointment scheduling is determined by the backlog of applications in queue. New applications are scheduled based on the order they are received, according to the date stamped on the receipt for payment.

Renewal applications will be scheduled no earlier than 90 days prior to expiration. All others will be scheduled as soon as possible.

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