The Personal Alert Program is a free and voluntary program designed to aid First Responders with quick access to critical information to assist in dealing with individuals with disabilities.

This program is designed to help individuals in our community who may have difficulty communicating with First Responders. Individuals who may benefit from the program include individuals with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Downs Syndrome, elders or any individual with special needs.

The Personal Alert Program registry will aid First Responders by providing information including emergency contact information, detailed physical description, the individual’s routines, behaviors, communication abilities, photographs, and other helpful information that may assist First Responders while they are interacting with the individual. This information is provided by parents, guardians, or caretakers and will be used by the Billerica Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services to assist in caring for and/or locating individuals with special needs. All information is strictly confidential and will only be shared with responding personnel.

How to Enroll

To register, complete the online form below. Please note certain mandatory fields must be completed for all involved to successfully benefit from the program. Please confirm that all information is accurate before submitting the form.

*A current photo of each individual must be included when registering.

Once a registration form is received, a member of the Billerica Police Department will contact the first listed emergency contact to verify receipt of the registration. Upon verification, the information will be kept on file with the Billerica Police Department. The information will then be provided to First Responders as needed in the performance of their duties.

Please update us whenever there are any changes such as address, emergency contact information, etc.

Also, please remember to submit updated photos so we always have a current photo on file.

What’s next?

Once enrolled an officer will present each registered person with the following;

  • Billerica Police Department patch
  • Billerica Police Department seat belt cover
  • Window decal
  • BPD Personal Alert Program identification card


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