National Incident Based Reporting Statistics – Billerica MA

Updated with data through December 2023 – The table below is a sampling of crimes submitted by the Billerica Police Department to the Massachusetts Crime Reporting Unit and later published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During this time period the Police Department changed records systems (2008) which may account for small changes in how we report crimes. The numbers below only account for those crimes that were actually reported to the Police Department.

Vandalism – We’ve changed how we report vandalisms. Damaged property that occurs as part of a break to a property or vehicle is no longer reported as a vandalism as part of our NIBRS reporting.  For example, a damaged mailbox would be reported by BPD as a vandalism, but a broken window that occurred as part of a house break would not. That case would be reported only as a burglary/breaking & entering. This is consistent with the guidelines set forth by the FBI and will account for lower vandalism numbers beginning in 2011.

Drugs – Statistics below can involve incidents with or without a related overdose.

Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 94C Section 34A: Immunity from prosecution under Secs. 34 or 35 for persons seeking medical assistance for self or other experiencing drug-related overdose. Immunity from prosecution does not mean “legal”. All incidents that fall under Chapter 94C Section 34A are reported as crimes and cleared (with FBI) as “prosecution declined”.

Statistics below represent crimes REPORTED to police or those incidents that are discovered by officers.

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