Heroin Education Awareness Task Force

Heroin is a very addictive opiate drug and its abuse has created a public health crisis across the Commonwealth.  Recent trends indicate that fatal overdoses have increased dramatically.

The Town of Billerica and its Public Safety Departments have come together to address the continuing problem of heroin abuse in our community.

It is the mission of HEAT to educate the public especially parents, about the extent of heroin use and abuse among young people in the community.

If you need help, have general questions or would like to help, please contact:

Mike Higgins, Substance Abuse Coordinator for Billerica at 978-671-0943 or mhiggins[@]town.billerica.ma.us

Voluntary Treatment Options

  • Detox – Usually 3-5 days to deal with medical issues related to withdrawing from the substance
  • Stabilization/Transition Unit – directly upon release from detox. The goal is to maintain the necessary treatment, to educate and to remain sober while awaiting placement into residential facilities or intensive outpatient care.
  • Intensive Outpatient Care – daily structured counseling and treatment.
  • Residential treatment – usually an unlocked 6-12 month group setting.

If you have health insurance

  • Call the substance abuse phone number on the back of your health card and find a place for evaluation to determine level of care.
  • Your health insurance will tell you where to get an evaluation to determine level of care.
  • You can also go to your primary care provider for a medical evaluation to determine level of care.

If you are uninsured or have no coverage

  • Go to the local Emergency Room to get an evaluation to determine level of care.
  • Call Detox facility on your own.
  • Call MA Substance Abuse Help Hotline at 800-327-5050 or at www.helpline-online.com.

Involuntary Treatment Options

  • Call Mike Higgins above or go to Lowell District Court regarding MA General Law Chapter 123, Section 35 civil commitment process.