The Billerica Police Department is committed to the Community Policing Concept.  To this end, the members of this department are dedicated to working harmoniously with other Town agencies and with the citizens of the Town of Billerica to create a safe and secure community environment and to help maintain the maximum quality of life to all residents herein, irrespective of race, creed, or cultural, social or political orientation.

Specifically, the Billerica Police Department will serve the Town of Billerica by protecting life and property, by preventing crime and criminal activity whenever possible and by maintaining order within the community. This department will uphold the laws and principles of the United States Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to its utmost ability.

Every member of the Billerica Police Department will be expected to act with respect, sensitivity, personal discipline and reliability while following the department’s mission.  Each officer is expected to understand his or her responsibility to the Police Department, other Town agencies and to its citizens and will act with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.