Boston Road Closing – Fuel Spill Update

Please be advised there was an fuel spill on Boston Road this morning at 4:30AM and Boston Road is closed for clean-up purposes between Heritage Rd and Floyd St.  It was caused by an accident involving a vehicle coming out of Pro Fitness and colliding with a tractor trailer.  DPW was the first to respond with clean up.  Sand was spread immediately.   Clean Harbors is now on site and have spread quick dry and sand.  One catch basin was infiltrated but contained in the trap, it did not rise to the pipe level and therefore did not impact any wetlands or watersheds.  The catch basin is being cleaned by clean harbors.  A street sweeper will take two hours to clean up the site.  The road is currently closed and should be opened this afternoon well before rush hour. Electronic signs and details have been posted to redirect traffic.  Pond Street will be taking truck traffic during this temporary detour.  Thank you for your patience during this inconvenience.

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