Sharps Collection Program

Since July 1, 2012, a statewide ban on the disposal of sharps in solid municipal waste/household trash will took effect. The majority of needles, lancets and syringes had been thrown away in household trash putting neighbors, children and solid waste workers at risk of needle stick injuries and infections. These items should never be disposed of improperly.


The Board of Health Office (since late 2009) has and will continue to accept sharps such as lancets, needles, syringes, and unopened sharps.  These sharps must be in a sharps container or a rigid plastic container such as a detergent bottle, not a soda or bleach type bottle.  Reinforce the lid with heavy-duty tape.

At this time there will be no fee charged.  The hours for drop off are Monday through Friday 8:30-10 am and 3-4 pm.  If you have any questions or there may be special circumstances involved please feel free to contact Richard Berube, Director of Public Health at 978-671-0931 or Christine West, R.N., Public Health Nurse at 978-671-0932.

FREE SHARPS CONTAINERS FOR BILLERICA RESIDENTS  (Limited Time Only). We will need to verify proof of residency (license, or current bill, etc.)

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