Nutting Lake Drowning

On Thursday, May 29, 2014 at approximately 6:30 AM Officers located an abandoned canoe on the western portion of Nutting Lake, Billerica.  Later that morning at approximately 9:50 AM, Billerica Police received a report of a missing person.  The missing individual was identified as Lorna Rutkauskas, 60, of Billerica.  It was subsequently determined the Ms. Rutkauskas was the owner of the recovered canoe.  A search was immediately initiated with the assistance the MSP Airwing unit and Billerica Fire Department water rescue/recovery personnel.  At approximately 11:00 AM an individual was discovered deceased in Nutting Lake.  The body was positively identified as Lorna Rutkauskas.  The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated by the Billerica Police and Massachusetts State Police.

Any additional questions on this matter can be directed to Deputy Chief Roy Frost at 978-671-0900 X151

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