Water Meter Replacement

All residents should be aware that the Town has contracted with USI Services to replace water meters in Town. Below is a list of USI employees that will be involved in the project and the vehicles they will be operating.  All of the USI technicians will be wearing USI ID badges with a photo and their vehicles will have the USI company logos on them.  List of Technicians and Vehicles  … Continue reading

Open letter to the Residents of Billerica from Chief Rosa – December 2nd Town Wide Vote

On Saturday, December 2nd town residents will go to the polls here in Billerica to decide whether to overrule the valid action of our Representative Town Meeting. The vote involves overruling town meetings overwhelming vote to fund several routine budget items. One of those items is a clear concern to public safety and the quality of life in our community. I feel an obligation to accurately inform the residents about the public safety implications of this vote. The item in question involves funding for an improved Tree and Parks Division within our DPW in order to care for our capital … Continue reading

Billerica Students Targeted By Snapchat User

Over the last few weeks I have been working with the schools on investigating an emerging trend affecting our juvenile population, specifically teenage girls (6th -9th grade). There have been several reported cases of an unknown person reaching out to girls using the Snapchat app. This person is using names of our actual students, with some slight modifications, and asking the girls to send inappropriate pictures. When the girls refuse, the person is threatening to spread rumors about the girls or is threatening to Photoshop pictures and send them out claiming they are real. Obviously, this has been very troubling … Continue reading

Billerica and Tewksbury Police Investigating Three Armed Robberies – UPDATE ARREST

Billerica – On Monday. October 16, 2017 at 12:00 PM, Billerica Police arrested Michael Girouard, 60, of 0 Brandon Street, Billerica, charging him with the armed robbery of Petrolex that occurred at approximately 3:20 AM yesterday. As mentioned in a Billerica Police press release from earlier today, Billerica PD responded to an Armed Robbery of Petrolex where a suspect brandished a large framed silver revolver at the clerk demanding cash. The suspect fled on foot after receiving the money and cigarettes. Later in the day, a second Armed Robbery occurred in Billerica at Variety Plus Convenience located on the opposite … Continue reading