A number of years ago the Billerica Police Department instituted a K9 unit to provide its citizens with an even higher level of community service.

The K9 is utilized for:

  • Drug detection
  • Vehicle searches
  • Building searches
  • Tracking and searching for lost individuals
  • Tracking and apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Evidence search and recovery
  • Officer protection
  • Community relations

The Billerica Police K9 Unit will accommodate requests for demonstrations as time and scheduling allows.

Yak is BPD’s patrol dog. Yak resides with Officer Mark Tsoukalas at his home.  The team is on call 24 hours a day to respond to calls requiring the assistance of a dog team.

When a track is required Yak can get the job done but a Bloodhound is the right tool for the job and BPD has one of those as well.

In November of 2011 “Rosie” was donated to BPD by the New Hampshire State police.  NHSP happened to have a two year old female bloodhound that they offered to BPD after her predecessor, Diesel, passed away .  Rosie had been donated to NHSP but they did not have a handler suited for her.  BPD gladly accepted Rosie as our new Bloodhound.

Rosie is utilized to search for missing and wanted persons. Bloodhounds often work in conjunction with other police dogs to locate and apprehend persons.

Rosie resides with Officer John Harring at his home.  The team is on call 24 hours a day to respond to calls requiring the assistance of a dog team.


Former BPD K9’s

Barek (Retired) 9/1/11 – Barek retired in 2011 and was replaced by K9 Yak.  Barek still resides with Ptl Tsoukalas and his family.  Barek served the department for over 8 years.




Diesel 10/31/11 – At the end of October 2011 Diesel passed away.  It was discovered that Diesel had a serious illness (cancer) that resulted in his untimely death.   Diesel was approximately 6 years old. The department obtained him in February 2009 from the Riverside Bloodhound Rescue in Pennsylvania.  Diesel replaced Annabelle, Billerica’s original hound.


Annabelle 1/20/09 – Our trusty Bloodhound Annabelle passed away due to gastrointestinal illness. We appreciate all the work she did not only for our department but the many others who she served. Thanks to Officer John Harring who put in countless hours of training in order to make Annabelle the great tracker that she was. Chief Dan Rosa

AnnabellAnnabell was was donated by 832’s Deputy Dogs of Adel, Georgia. Please visit their site and learn about the wonderful service they provide to law enforcement agencies all over the country.

Annabell was an outstanding tracker and was responsible for the rescue of many individuals.  She passed before her time and is missed by BPD and all the residents she served.

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